Difference between flexo printing and offset printing

Most of my friends are not very clear, what is the difference between offset printing and flexo printing on packaging?


This issue shares the principles and characteristics of offset printing and flexo printing,For reference:

 Offset printed


Offset printing is a type of lithographic printing.Simply speaking, offset printing is with the help of rubber (blanket),The printing method of transferring the graphics and text on the printing plate to the substrate,That is, a lithographic printing method with three cylinders (printing plate, blanket, embossing).

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Offset printing characteristics: Material requirements, because offset printing uses offset printing, the paper must be flat, and no matter the number of substrates, the size of the paper must be printed according to the feeding size of the printing machine.


Printing effect: four-color overprinting, the printed matter is bright in color, uniform in ink, fine in graphics and text, rich in layers, and good in color effect.Printing varnish, glossy color, smooth surface, clear printing effect, not easy to fade.


Overprinting accuracy: The error of offset overprinting is very small,Generally speaking, it is within the range of about 0.05~0.10 mm.For some prints that do not require very high overprint quality,It can be relaxed to 0.15~0.25 mm.



Flexo printing principle: Flexo printing is the evolution of letterpress printing.

 Flexo printed

Flexo printing is a direct printing method,It is called flexographic printing due to the use of elastic, raised image printing plates.



Flexo Features:


Picture material requirements,Flexo paper is roll type,The printing speed is fast and the output is high.


Spot color printing, the printed matter can clearly see the color dots, and the ink color is thin.


Non-toxic water-based ink is widely used for printing.


Flexo ink is the only non-toxic ink approved by the US Food and Drug Association among all printing inks.


Therefore, flexographic printing is also called green printing.This is unattainable with other printing methods.


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 Flexo printed paper cups

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