How to test the release force of large sheet coated paper?

Everyone knows that ordinary paper is composed of wood fibers and has strong water absorption, so everyone knows that paper absorbs moisture and is afraid of moisture. The product features of interlayer anti-oil coated paper: anti-fouling, oil-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-fading, and diversified paper appearance.


CCK release paper: CCK base paper is a release paper produced by coating a layer of china clay on the surface and then coating a release agent. Other release papers: There are some release papers that are commonly used in many manufacturing industries, and some do not use release agents.


Try not to use this kind of silicone oil paper for food processing and cooking. No matter benzene, resin or glazing oil will produce substances that are harmful to human body. Explain the difference between silicone oil paper and tin foil paper? Silicone oil paper is a kind of high temperature baking paper which has been siliconized.


The higher coating amount can cover the base paper densely and ensure the uniform distribution of silicone oil. The lower silicone oil coating amount is prone to leakage and other phenomena, resulting in poor peeling.


If you have double-sided tape, you can take a double-sided tape and take a look at the layer of paper. The layer of paper with double-sided tape is double-sided silicone oil paper, which is double-sided release due to double-sided tape.


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