Shirong paper Introductory Brochure

Who We Are?

 Shirong paper is a manufacturer of paper disposable packaging. We specialize in the customization for beverage cups and food containers. We have 2 manufacturing and distribution locations with 105,000 square meter located in Guangzhou and Hunan province China.

Shirong raw material

Shirong Co.,ltd purchase paper raw materials from the most advanced manufacturers in the China,which is the most famous paper brand factory,such as:Yibin paper,APP paper,Stora Enso paper,Five star paper and Sun paper. 

Shirong paper

Our product lines include paper cup base paper,paper raw material paper roll,paper cup fan,paper sheets and paper bottom,and we have PE/PLA lamination machine,Parting-off machine,flexography printing machine,offset printing and Crosscutting machine,Our monthly capacity is 8,000 tons.

Shirong print

We print paper cups and containers on high speed equipment. We customize our programs around our customer needs and we can provide you the competitive price,and fast delivery for you, Our paper printing Flexo press can offer up to 6 colors and our cup offset print can offer 4 color  dry-offset technology to run the small order for you. We use earth friendly inks when possible and focus on small runs and quick turnaround orders.

Here are some of our Eco and Bio advanced products:

1. Our Yinbin paper is 100% bamboo fiber paper cup raw material,and the features of bamboo fiber is
• Environmental protection,
• strong adsorption,
• antibacterial,
• Deodorization

2. Our paper all are 100% food grade paper,We have PE coated and PLA coated paper to meet all kinds of customer’s needs.

3. Our quality of our paper 100% are the same as base paper factory,we are in the same line to make sure the good quality,and quality is our culture,we want to make win-win and long term relationship with customers.

4. Our packaging is used pallet for paper roll,paper sheets and paper bottom,and paper boxes for paper cup fan,it can keep the raw material in safe delivery.

Post time: May-11-2022